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하이디(HyDee) 소개

  • Hybrid Learning(기술적 접근)  Deeper Learning(교육적 접근)


    Based on various delivery methods(Hybrid Learning), various teaching-learning methods(Deeper Learning) implementations are supported

  • High Quality  Learning Design


    Supports high quality learning design to achieve and promote successful learning goals

하이디 플랫폼 주요 기능

The main features provided by HyDee platform are:

  • 수업관리 이미지

    Lesson Management

    • Check the lesson information and completion status by period
    • Linked to the most popular video class platform in Korea
    • Create the various educational environments that consist of essential authoring tools
  • 과제관리 이미지

    Homework Management

    • Check the homework information by subject
    • Check the homework submission status from the class & individual
    • Give the personized feedback through homework evaluation function
  • 출결관리 이미지

    Attendance Management

    • Automatic attendance checking through analysis of class completion results
    • Share the attendance result with the classroom teacher/subject
    • Collect the class attendance and check details individually